Quick Start

Ready To Join?

Before you join, makes sure you are have completed the prerequisites:.

  • Yes, I have received my CC award OR I have completed 2 Levels within Pathways from Toastmasters International.
  • Yes, I am willing to learn how to use zoom technology in order to participate in the video meetings.

  1. First Step:  Click here for a PDF Application <  Click the link!
  2. Next Step: Pay Dues  ($58.75 for current Toastmasters)
    • Pay Dues here Every 6 Months (Sept 30 &  March 31) 
    • Dues breakdown can be found here.
  3.  RSVP for a scheduled meeting on our calendar and we will add you to the user list at  ATO.Toastmost.com so you can begin signing up for meeting roles.
    (NOTE-1:  If you are a member of another toastmost.org site use the same email)
    (NOTE-2:  Do this step now, even if you need to wait to do step 1 or 2.)
  4.  Add the meetings to your calendar.
  5.  Request to Join the Facebook Group (optional) if you haven’t already.