Advanced Evaluations

Focus on Delivery.

As an evaluator within an advanced club, you want to focus on the speech delivery, not so much the content.
Here are some things to look for when focusing on the delivery of a speech:

  • Was the point of view or perspective clear?  How was that accomplished?
  • Was the audience impacted or moved at all emotionally?  How?
  • Was the speech engaging?  What made the speech engaging?
  • Was there a connection with the audience?  How was it done?


Evaluation Styles to Be Implemented Immediately:

  • Cupcake approach: you only hear good things
  • Sandwich style: what you did well, could improve, sum up with what you did well
  • Shotgun: just focused on the most important parts and may not want the sandwich style
  • Roundtable evaluation – everybody is called to evaluate; each person share one thing or makes one point.

**Please talk to the VPE, or Toastmaster of the day if you want this type of evaluation.  The agenda will need to be changed to accomodate roundtable evaluations.

When you are scheduled to speak, please let your evaluator know which type of evaluation you would like and if there is anything that you would like your evaluator to pay special attention to.

As an evaluator, include what type of evaluation the speaker asked you to do.  This will help ease the minds of guests or other speakers if you were asked to do a shotgun evaluation in a very direct and to the point manner.  Or if you were asked to do a cupcake evaluation and you only focus on the good things within a speech.