Pending Moments

Pending – Awaiting decision. Between happenings.

Leadership is full pending moments, waiting for a decision to be made, waiting to make a decision, waiting between events.   As an online toastmasters club that is still waiting to charter, we are learning what it means to be Maverick Leaders. 

Tricia G shared her leadership journey from flying by the seat of her pants to Maverick Leadership in her speech titled, “What Kind of Leader Am I?” 
She started her speech before we started recording, but you can watch most of her speech at the beginning of the video.  [0:00]  

Aaron L’s “Voices of Our Lives” storytelling speech, shared how the voices we hear in our lives can either shape us or harm us.  [4:56]  

Online Meeting Tips:

What Worked & What Could Be Improved

  • We loved that Tricia stood up to give her speech.  We suggest moving the camera to eye level.  
  • Suggestion: If you notice that the meeting is not being recorded, you can remind the tech person via Chat.  

Meeting Timestamp

Do you want to help our club by helping us time stamp our YouTube videos?   

Here is how you can help:

  1. Watch the video above and make a note of the time each section of the meeting begins.  (ex. First speaker started at [5:00] – The brackets allow YouTube to start the video at the exact time in the timestamp!) 
  2. Share your time stamps in the comments section below.  
  3. If you really want to help,  click on the video and go to the club’s YouTube video page and add your timestamps in the comments there too! 
  4. That’s it!  Easy! 

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