Wouldn’t You Like To Know…

We get a lot of questions about doing evaluations as an online club.  This week Andrea presented “How To Use The ATO Website For Evaluations” and the club learned how to give and receive evaluations using our ToastMost.org website. 

It’s super easy!  Andrea’s presentation starts at [5:00] You can see how we do evaluations for each other using ToastMost.org.

Meeting Time Stamp

Do you want to help our club by helping us time stamping our YouTube videos?   
Here is how you can help: 

  1. Watch the video above and make a note of the time each section of the meeting begins.  (ex. First speaker started at [5:00] – The brackets allow YouTube to start the video at the exact time in the timestamp!) 
  2. Share your time stamps in the comments section below.  
  3. If you really want to help,  click on the video and go to the club’s YouTube video page and add your timestamps in the comments there too! 
  4. That’s it!  Easy! 

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