How Well Do You Know Thyself?

Know thyself is wisdom that transcends time and this week we invited the club members to answer questions that brought about self-awareness and allowed us to get to know them better.  We also celebrated our club founder’s birthday.

Toastmaster of the day:  Dawn N [0:00]

First Speaker:  Andrea S – Mastering the Toast From Special Occasions manual – “Toasting a Leader” [5:21]
Second Speaker; Tricia G – Project 5 of the Storytelling Manual – Peter [10:40]

Table Topics – Dawn N [18:48]
Lori – A time of self-realization [19:20]
Rick – A time of knowing yourself more [22:45]
Doug – Knowing yourself thought your desires [26:28]
Tammie – Knowing yourself as a leader [30:25]
Andrea S – Knowing yourself through your struggles [33:29]
Tricia G – Being surprised by your success [36:50]

General Evaluation Portion of the Meeting Doug T – [40:28]
Lori W evaluating Andrea – [40:50]
Tammie evaluating Tricia G [44:20]
Reports & Meeting evaluation [47:30)

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