Toastmasters Meeting Theme Resolutions

This week’s meeting was all about Resolutions both within toastmasters and as Maverick Leaders.
Toastmaster of the Day – Fransisco – mobile [1:00]
Speaker #1 – Andrea S – -Live 180 Dinner [5:25]
Speaker #2 – Dawn N – Presenting Gold Star Award – [14:14]

Dawn presented Tricia with a new Gold Star Award
The Gold Star Award is presented to a club member who demonstrates:  Rule Breaking, Out of the Box, Leadership by taking what we are doing inside of our club and using it out in the world in a way that expands their leadership skills and understanding of themselves as a Maverick Leader.

Table Topics – Pamelah L [18:52] . Resolution
When you joined did you have a resolution? Doug [19:32]
You are a Maverick Out of the Box Leader – What would you like to see for this group to focus on. – Andrea S [21:00]
What area is asking to be shifted? Tricia [23:36]
Maverick Leadership & Self-Appreciation Dawn [26:03]
What one piece of resolve would you like support in? Fransisco [28:02]
For this TM year, what resolution do you have? Pamelah L [30:21]
General Evaluation : Fransisco [33:54]
Pamelah L evaluating the first speech [34:49]
Tricia G evaluating Dawn N [40:37]

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