Speaking from the Heart

As leaders we oftentimes are asked to speak about topics that are close to our hearts.  This week all 3 speakers shared very different speeches with one common thread, they were stories that came from their heart.

Toastmaster of the Day – Francisco
And Role Introductions [00:00]
First Speaker – Dawn N Speaking in Praise of Napoleon Hill [3:54]
Second Speaker – Aaron L – Mentoring in Pathways [11:30]
Third Speaker – Alex – Storytelling #2 – Let’s Get it Personal [21:20]
Table Topics – Andrea S – What did you see, notice or enjoy this week that changed your perspective? [31:36]
Patricia – [32:45]
Heather – [34:24]

General Evaluation – Rick W [36:40]
Evaluator #1 – Patricia [37:50]
Evaluator #2 – Tricia [39:50]
Evaluator #3 – Dawn [42:18]

Technical Take Aways: 

We love it when Toastmasters use a timer to keep the meeting on track.  Thank you Fransisco for demonstrating what is possible for a toastmaster who joins the meeting via a cell phone from a car!

Maverick Meeting Standards! 

Wow, Rick’s General Evaluation and asking for additional comments from the attendees was a great example of how to both go with the flow and provide powerful feedback.

Were there any shareable moments that stood out to you?  Leave a comment below!

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