Spring Leaders Into Action

This week’s meeting our them was Spring and our table topics brought it back to leadership and advising future leaders on how to handle situations to spring into action.

Both of our club sponsors gave speeches.¬† One was an interpretive reading piece by Tricia and the other was a speech ‘In Praise’ of Pamelah’s teacher whose work was the spark that set her out of the box career into motion¬† more than 25 years ago!

TM – Lori [0:00]
First Speaker – The Raven – Interpretive Reading – TriciaG [4:57]
Second Speaker – Speaking in Praise of Richard Ungar – Pamelah [17:35]
General Evaluation portion – Fransisco [25:45]
Rick evaluating Tricia – [26:28]
Todd evaluating Pamelah [33:15]
Table Topics Portion of Meeting – Dawn N [42:12]
Advice for Leaders when things are Sprung on them.
Rick – You are leading something and someone springs a change on you that you can’t control. Advise a new leader on this situation
Aaron – You just found out that the rules of the game has been changed, share your advice on how to deal with this. [43:35]
David – You are a leader givinng advice to a future leader who has had a ton of work just sprung on them, more work then they think they can handle. [48:40]
Back the General evaluator Fransisco [53:00]

Special Technology Notes:

When joining a meeting from your cell phone in a car, make sure to keep it cool or it may overheat and turn off on its own.

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