Leadership Perspectives

Leaders look at and see the world differently than most others.  Our minds are open to new perspectives and we seek to surround ourselves with people and events that expand our point of view.  In this week’s meeting we heard from Andrea S who talked about her life, her name and her perspective.

And Lori W lead our table topics by asking members about their perspective on risk taking and courage. Well Done!

You can find the timestamps for the meeting below the video so you can easily access your portion of the meeting.

Time Stamps for the recording of the meeting:
Toastmaster of the Day Jim A
[12:30] Speech #1 Dawn N Interviewing – Andrea S
[21:42] Table Topics on Perspective of Risk Taking and Courage by Lori W
[22:22] Born risk takers or scaredy-cats? Doug T
[25:05] Exciting or dangerous place to travel? Patricia
[26:50] Food that requires courage – Rick W
[28:46] Terrified and clearly survived. – Pamelah L
[30:58] A TIme When courage surprised me – Jim A
[33:30] What you’d never do on stage – Dawn N
[35:36] What animal fits your personality – Andrea S
[37:53] General Evaluation portion of the meeting by Pamelah L
[38:12] Patricia evaluating Andrea
Followed by additional evaluation comments from the club members on Andrea’s speech.
[45:44] Meeting evaluation and reports by Pamelah L

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