Great Expectations

When you have great expectations, anything is possible!

In this week’s meeting we learned that one of our members has written over 10 books, created over 75 audio recordings, and has read over 50,000 hands in her 27 year career as a Hand Analyst.

Watch the prepared speech portion of the meeting to discover more about Pamelah and her ‘out of the box’ career.

For your viewing pleasure we timestamp our meetings each week so you can view the portion of the meeting that is relevant to your interests.  Also it allows our members to quickly and easily find themselves in the recorded session so they can review their portion for continuous improvement.

Toastmaster of the Day Tricia G starts the meeting [0:00]

Prepared Speech Portion of Meeting [5:44]
Dawn N Interviewing Pamelah L for project #3 When You’re the Host from the Communicating on Video Advanced Manual
Pamelah L being interviewed by Dawn N for project #2 The Interview Show from the Communicating on Video Advanced Manual

Audience Q & A [12:19]

Impromptu Speaking Portion of the Meeting by Andrea S [20:12]
Francisco P [20:34]
Doug T [22:56]
Jim A [24:57]
Rick W [27:11]
Tricia G [28:55]
Marty G [30:29]
Lori W [32:30]

General Evaluation Portion of the Meeting – Lori W [34:10]
Evaluation #1 Doug T Evaluating Dawn N [34:35}
Evaluation #2 Jim A Evaluating Pamelah L [38:36]

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