Visionary Leadership

This week, Pamelah did a great job of turning a Leadership Excellence Series speech into a presentation that helped us connect personally to our role as visionary leaders.    And Mark shared a glimpse of his journey of mentorship in and out of toastmasters.

I enjoyed having time for extra 30 second evaluations from club members in addition to the scheduled evaluations.   This is something that we can continue to work with and it will help us as evaluators find brief and specific points to offer during all our evaluations. Advanced Toastmasters Online Club Meeting

Here is the full timestamp of the meeting:

Toastmaster Starts meeting at [2:00]

Prepared Speech Portion of the Meeting:
First Speaker: Pamelah L [5:51] . Visionary Leadership
Second Speaker: Mark W [22:50] Trajectory Over Time

Impromptu Speaking Portion of the Meeting led by Rick W . [33:30]
What is different about this club than all other clubs? Marty G [34:00]
What do want to get from participating in this club? Tricia G [35:30]
Where do you see yourself Next year? Dawn N . [37:17]

General Evaluation Portion of Meeting led by Dawn N [39:34]
Jim A & et al. evaluating Pamelah L [41:20]
Marty G & et al. evaluating Mark W [[48:06]

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