Out of the Box Leadership

This week we tired something different… Editing the full length meeting video (that you can find on Youtube) so that each speech and each table topic would be a separate video.   Andrea, our Table Topics Master, inspired this by asking members questions that would be great stand alone videos for club..    And the answers were great!

First Andrea S shared our club mission:

We are an Advanced Toastmasters Club which supports Maverick Leaders to have more Impact by providing advanced feedback on leadership skills and discovering what it means to be an out of the box, innovative leader.

Then she asked these questions (watch the videos to see the answers given by our club members and visitors):

What is a Maverick Leader?

Why do you want to be in an advanced club?

What is Advanced Feedback?

What is a Maverick Leader

How will the club help you make an impact?

Why is being in an advanced club important to you?

How will the mission of this club help you as an advanced toastmaster?

So, How would you answer these Table Topic questions?  (Add your comments below)


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