Leaders We Love

This week’s meeting Theme was:  Leaders we love.

And Wow, do I appreciate and love a leader who can be as persistent with technology and patient with the audience while remaining professional throughout!   Thank you Mark Worthy for your 3 P presentation “How May I Help You?”

We had one new member and a few new guests this week, with visitors from Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky, Massachusetts, California, Ohio, Mexico, and Hong Kong!  And in attendance were 2 past district governors, several DTMs, and advanced toastmasters who have served at many different levels of leadership within Toastmasters and in their own lives and work as Spiritual Teachers, Trainers, Leaders, and Mentors.

Although this week’s meeting had it’s technical challenges and we had to rearrange the agenda, it was still as successful online meeting!

Here is the breakdown of the meeting’s recording, so you can forward the video to see the segments that interest you.

Prepared Speech #1

Aaron L – Pathways – Chinese New Year – [11:27]

Table Topics Master Doug T [22:58]
Jim A – Leader You Love [22:55]
Pamelah L – How You Become a Leader That’s Loved [26:31]
Rick W – Love is a State of Being [28:57]
Lori W – Love is an Action [30:50]
Aaron L – 2 Minute Love Story [34:06]

Prepared Speech #2

Mark Worthy – Pathways – Dynamic Leadership Level 4 Building Skills: Managing a Difficult Audience (and difficult technology!) “How May I Help You?” [45:00]

Evaluation Portion of Meeting – Pamelah L – [55:42]
Tricia G evaluating Aaron L – [55:54]
Dawn N evaluating Mark W – [58:29]

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