Road Trips and Rhetoric

Thank you everyone for another great meeting full of Rhetoric and Road Trips.
We are moving along nicely and everyone seems to like the 1 minute pause after the speeches for sending private chat messages of encouragement to the speakers.

One of the things I want to highlight is Andrea’s Grammarian report at [54:45].  I’m guilty of many so’s, and abundant and’s.  For me this has become a habit of trying to be more relaxed and casual on video.  And broadcasting from home can be an invitation to relax.  However, as the acting president, I am going to make a conscious effort to breathe more and “so” less.  I appreciate being in a club of leaders who can lead the way forward and hold me to higher standards.  Thank you Andrea!

And thank you everyone who participated in the meeting!

Here is the meeting outline with timestamps.  Enjoy!

Toastmaster of the Day – Doug T

Prepared Speeches Portion of the Meeting – Doug T
Sarah L – Project 6 – Duality [5:55]
Jim A – Speeches by Management – Project 5
Introduction [14:38]
“Progressive Proposal Problem” [16:40]

Table Topics Portion of Meeting [35:21]
Tricia G- Road Trip of a LIfetime [35:51]
Aaron L – Most unusual Road Trip [38:33]

Evaluation Portion of the Meeting – Adrienne W. [42:33]
Pamelah L – Evaluating Sarah L [43:30]
Tricia G – Evaluating Jim A [47:06]
Adrienne W – Evaluating the meeting [51:36]
* Grammarian Report – Andrea S [54:45]



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