Breaking the Rules and Brainstorming

We are continuing the discussions about how we want to do evaluations in our club and we ar both, breaking the rules and brainstorming… Well, we are doing it our way, anyway. 


Speech on Breaking The Rules & Project on Brainstorming

Toastmaster Tricia G [5:55}

Pamelah Landers – Breaking the Rules CC9 [8:58]
Dawn Nocera – Evaluations that Rock FD2 [16:07]

Topics Master Jim Adams [39:26]
Andrea S – Sports as a Child Win/participate/conquer? [41:07]
Aaron L – Unfair Play [44:40]
Todd B – Favorite Olympic Sport [48:40]

Evaluation Portion of Meeting – Pamelah L [52:10]
Doug T – Evaluating Pamelah L [52:30]
Andrea S – Evaluating Dawn N [55:53]

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