Pre-Charter Club Meeting #2 Focusing on Maverick Leadership

We are focusing on Maverick Leadership… but what does that mean?  Watch the recording to learn more… 

Prepared Speeches:
Marty G: “Your Power is in Your Point of View” [6:11]
Adrienne W: “Sorry” [21:00]

Table Topics Session Led by Dawn N [29:34]
Table Topic Participants:
Jim A – Maverick Leadership Outside of Toastmasters [30:16]
Paul F – Pushing the Limits as a Leader [34:33]
Adrienne W – Future Vision for Growth [38:06]
Pamelah L – Feeling Safe to Express Maverick-ness [41:55]
Marty G – Entice Me to Return [44:44]

Evaluation Portion of Meeting [47:53] Led by Dawn N
Pamelah L evaluating Marty G [48:40]
Dawn N evaluating Adrienne W [51:45]

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