Making An Impact

Our mission is to make an impact.  Watch the recording of our meeting to learn more.

Meeting Notes:

Prepared Speeches

Pamelah Landers:  “I am an Artist!”  [7:00]

Magda Van Rooyen:  “Making an Impact” [14:40]

A Very Innovative Table Topics Session Lead by Adrienne Williams [22:50]

Table Topic Participants:

  • Andrea Sanger – Most Embarrassing Moment
  • Jim Adams – Most Embarrassing Gift
  • Cedric – Funny Moment.
  • Martin Greene – A Time You Got Lost
  • Michelle Alba-Lim – A Random Act of Kindness.


Evaluation Portion of Meeting  [37:07] Lead by Jim Adams

Michelle Alba-Lim evaluating Pamelah Landers [38:50]

Dawn Nocera evaluating Magda Van Rooyen [43:00]




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