We’re Creating an Online Toastmasters Club for Maverick Leaders

We are creating an Advanced Toastmasters Club which supports Maverick Leaders to have more Impact through appreciation of ourselves and others, which creates true abundance.

We are currently recruiting experienced Toastmasters.

What does it mean to be a Maverick?

Mavericks are visionaries.  They are on the leading edge and oftentimes ‘ahead of their time’.  People think they are weird.  Remember Steve Jobs?  Weird!
Having the freedom to create is essential to mavericks. 

Do you sometimes feel trapped when your creative energy is stifled?  You may be a Maverick!

This club is based on the principles of support, impact, appreciation and abundance.

Support  –  For mavericks to receive feedback and be affirmed in solidifying their their visionary ideas.  

Impact –  The capacity to be influential and a compelling force to produce effects on the actions, behaviors, opinions of others through excellent communication.   

Appreciation – Honoring of the gifts and talents of self and others through the celebration of living out our dreams.    

Abundance – Living a full and prosperous life.

Interested in joining?  Visit our Quick Start page to find out more.





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